December Contest Winners ANNOUNCED! Circulon Holiday Party Dishes Contest

Congratulations to Tami Willis Delaney – winner of the Circulon Holiday Party Dishes Contest! She wins the Grand Prize – a Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11 Piece Cookware Set.

Tami’s post to the Circulon Facebook page received 77 likes and 68 unique comments. Congratulations, Tami!

And our 2nd and 3rd place winners are:

2nd – Natalie J. Vandenberghe – Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 5.5 Qt. Covered Casserole

3rd – Jill Hayes – Circulon Symmetry Chocolate Skillet Twin Pack 8” and 10” Skillets

They weren’t the only winners this time around. The first 40 people who entered the contest AND posted a special coupon to their Facebook page also won a Circulon Contempo 9” Skillet!

Contestants were asked to submit their favorite December Holiday Party Dish on the Circulon Facebook wall, tell us about it, and then spread the word to get the most likes and comments on their post.

We had so many fabulous entries to choose from. If you would like to see what was offered up, check out all the entries on the Circulon fanpage, and maybe get an idea or two of your own for your next holiday party.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Peanut Butter Pie

Tami’s Entry

“My ‘can’t go wrong recipe’ for the season is Peanut Butter Pie. There are a few reasons this passed down recipe is my recipe of choice for any holiday or celebration throughout the year….#1. I love peanut butter. #2. It is easy. #3. There are NEVER any leftovers!”

Recap of Circulon’s December Expert Hour w/ Marge Perry… Recipes, tips and more

Fish and Seafood Stew

We had a great time during the 2nd Circulon Expert Hour with Marge Perry, talking about planning a holiday menu that you and everyone else will love. A big thanks to everyone who participated with their holiday meal questions, and thanks to Marge for her fun, thoughtful and informative answers.

We also had several trivia question winners during the hour – congratulations to everyone who won a great new piece of Circulon cookware!

There were a number of recipes thrown onto the wall during the hour. Not to worry, we’ve collected most of them here to help make your holiday easier to plan and enjoy. And stay tuned, because we’ll do this again in 2012!






“Cooking with kids helps them make healthier choices and expand their repertoire of what they will eat. One fun thing to do is make a dip for vegetables; and cookies are always a favorite. Also, you can have them roll out a simple pizza crust and put the toppings on– they can also make a design on a dessert pizza crust with colorful fruit and a little drizzle of chocolate sauce.” – Marge Perry


“I suggest you put your first course out on the table (soup, salad or whatever it is) then call everyone to sit down. When the host picks up his or her fork, it signals to everyone else to eat, so be sure YOU sit down and begin when you want others to.” – Marge Perry


“But better to have too much than to run out of food. But too much should be just enough leftover to give your family and friends– not a crazy wasteful amount. If you make one meat dish, figure about 8 ounces per person. If it is a roast on the bone, you often double that.” – Marge Perry


“There are lots of lower calorie desserts that may or may not use a little sugar. You can serve a fruit compote over biscuits, like a wintery Strawberry shortcake. Drained yogurt (overnight, in cheesecloth) makes a cheese-like creamy base for fruit and a drizzle of honey.” – Marge Perry


“My pet peeve is when people bring dishes that need lots of last minute attention– and platters, serving utensils, etc. Try to be specific when people ask what they can bring, and tell them you won’t have any place to heat a dish up, so if she/he can bring it on a platter at room temp, that would be great.” – Marge Perry

Join us Tomorrow for a Live Chat with Marge Perry for Circulon Expert Hour!

Chef Marge Perry

Circulon Facebook page. We’ll be chatting about Cooking for Everyone – Planning a menu that you and everyone else will love.

Marge is an award-winning food writer, whose credits include: Ask The Expert daily blogger for, Cooking Light, Newsday, Self, Better Homes & Gardens, Prevention, New York Times, Parenting, publisher of the blog A Sweet and Savory Life, and many others. She loves to write about food and cooking as they relate to lifestyle issues – such as timely and simple meal solutions.

In addition to Dinner Tonight, the cookbook based on her Newsday column, she has contributed to more than 20 books. Marge makes guest appearances on morning news programs, local television news, a weekly radio program, and her recipes have aired on the Food Network.

Marge is a cooking instructor at Institute of Culinary Education. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Society of Professional Journalists, and Association of Food Journalists. Marge was awarded the Libby Hillman Award for Culinary Excellence and the Food Writers’ Symposium scholarship.

So, join us on the Circulon Facebook page with Marge Perry for an hour of fabulous food chat, as Marge gives us insights into how to set up a menu that you and all your guests will love.

Event details
When: Wednesday, December 14, 1-2pm PST

Who: Food expert and blogger Marge Perry
What: Answering all of your holiday meal prep questions, offering simple solutions to menu and planning a party that you and everyone else will love.

Prizes announced during the Expert Hour

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Announcing our December Holiday Party Dishes Contest – Enter to Win a Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11 Piece Cookware Set!

Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11 Piece Cookware Set

What is your favorite dish for a December holiday party? Do you try to keep it on the healthy side or do you figure it’s the holidays and calories don’t count?

Tell us your favorite December Holiday Party Dish to make for – or bring to – a December party for a chance to win a beautiful set of Circulon Symmetry Chocolate cookware.

All you need to do to enter is visit the Circulon Facebook page, and post your favorite December Holiday Party dish (and the recipe, if you can) onto the Facebook wall like this:

  • Short write up, 75 – 200 words, describing the holiday dish and the story behind it. For example, how did you find the recipe? When did you first make it? Have you changed the recipe over the years? Tell us whatever you’d like to share about why it’s your annual December party favorite!
  • (OPTIONAL) Recipe – ingredients and directions, if possible. If it is your original recipe and you are willing to share it, please do. Or, you can share the recipe name and where it came from originally. Please only share what you have permission to share – it’s only polite!
  • (OPTIONAL) A picture of the completed dish.


  • Make sure to spread the word. The post with the most “likes” and “comments” wins. Submissions can be shared on your own profile, but only likes and comments on the Circulon wall will count toward the contest.
  • All entries need to be in by midnight, Monday, December 19, 2011
  • Winners will be announced Tuesday, December 20, 2011 on the Circulon Facebook Wall
  • U.S. addresses ONLY
  • Employees of Meyer Corporation are not eligible to enter

WINNERS: There’s more than one winner! Check out our Grand, 2nd and 3rd place prize prizes:

Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11 Piece Cookware Set

Grand Prize:
Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11 Piece Cookware Set

Plus, there’s MORE! Check out our “Share Prize

Share the Love
The first 40 people to enter the contest AND share the link above that leads to our “Circulon 25% Off all items discount code” on THEIR wall, will win a Circulon Contempo 9” Skillet!

Remember, to win this skillet:

  1. Post your entry to our December Holiday Party Dishes Contest on Circulon’s Facebook wall, AND
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First 40 entrants, only, for the Share Prize – those are all the skillets we have for this part of the contest!