Teen Battle Chef Circulon Cookware Giveaway Winner – Geane McDaniels

Teen Battle Chef on Facebook

“Congratulations to Geane McDaniels, the winner of the Teen Battle Chef Circulon Cookware Challenge!! Thank you to everyone for playing, and to Circulon especially for generously donating the fabulous prize!” – Teen Battle Chef

Geane is a long time fan of the Circulon brand and now has a full Circulon Contempo Red cookware set to show for it.

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word and telling others about FamilyCook Productions & Teen Battle Chef! Make sure to visit Teen Battle Chef on Facebook and give them a big old like.

Teen Battle Chef is a great nationwide youth development program, empowering youth to challenge themselves on cooking skills and  to adopt a preference for cooking and eating healthy food.

Young people develop leadership, teamwork, and culinary skills as well as gain nutrition knowledge and a new appreciation for diverse, healthy and sustainably-produced food. In addition, they learn about the food system and how they can play a role to help their friends and family make healthier food choices to prevent unhealthy weight and associated disease.

Visit the Teen Battle Chef Facebook fanpage to learn more about future events and how you can support them.

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